Cupra customers are allowed to hunt Ateca through the Pyrenees

On the first anniversary of the launch of the Cupra brand, selected riders will have the opportunity to see ice rinks at the Pas de la Casa ski resort of Cupra Ateca from 20 to 21 February. The Cupra Ateca has an intelligent traction control that reacts immediately to changes in the road surface. 4Drive technology analyzes road conditions and driving conditions in real time.

The driving modes are Normal, Sport, Individual, Snow, Off-Road and Cupra mode. The 4Drive system is controlled electronically with a hydraulic multi-plate clutch of the latest generation. The system is located on the rear axle and sits at the end of the drive shaft in front of the rear differential. So it should come to a better weight distribution, a reduction of the moment of inertia and a shortening of the reaction time.

With the switchable 4Drive system it is also possible to transfer a variable part of the engine power to the axles. The ratio ranges from a 50:50 split between front and rear wheels to a hundred percent transmission to the rear axle. In addition, the electronic differential lock (EDS) can temporarily divert up to 100 percent of the drive energy to the wheel with the best traction.

The Cupra Ateca reaches between 5300 and 6500 rpm its maximum output of 300 hp. Its torque of 400 Newton meters is between 2000 and 5200 rpm. Thus, the sports SUV achieves a top speed of 247 km / h and accelerates in just 5.2 seconds from a standstill to 100 km / h. This is also made possible by the newly developed seven-speed DSG transmission.

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