Micromobil Seat Minimo – half car, half motorcycle

Micromobile are presented time and again as an answer to the challenges of urban mobility. The latest push is the Seat Minimo, which will be shown for the first time at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (25 to 28 February), which more than halves the traffic area of ​​average cars with a length of 2.50 meters and a width of 1.24 meters. The CO2 footprint of the concept car should also be much more modest.

On the other hand, high, namely at car level, should be the safety level of the Minimo, which also promises a maneuverability similar to that of single-track vehicles. Accordingly, the Spaniards call the concept as Quadricycle. The basis is a manufacturer according to the manufacturer particularly stiff chassis with 17-inch wheels on the outer body corners. The VW subsidiary promises a passenger compartment that is quite spacious and also closed in view of the small traffic area, with space for two persons seated one behind the other. The Minimo is also suitable for very narrow parking spaces, as its left entrance door can be opened upwards instead of to the side.

The fully cross-linked two-seater is powered electrically. Exact information about the engine and performance do not make the Spaniards. For the removable and thus quickly replaceable battery more than a hundred kilometers range are promised. The area of ​​application is of course the city, however, the maximum speed of 90 km / h allows short jaunts on rural roads. The Minimo can be throttled to 45 km / h depending on the situation, which also allows a 16-year-old user with driving license class AM to take the wheel.

Visually, the Minimo leaves an impression already close to production. Whether and when a market launch is planned, Seat leaves provisionally, however, unanswered. Even about a possible price you can only speculate, but this should probably be slightly above for the Renault Twizy, which is available from around 7,000 euros.

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