On-G-peppt: Lorinser moths old Puch G of the army

The legendary Puch G from the stocks of the Swiss Army are slowly being retired after more than two decades of service. New Mercedes-Benz G-Class move to service. At Lorinser Classic, some of the retired Gs are starting a new career as “Restomods.” The vintage car experts from the Swabian town of Waiblingen turn the former military vehicles of the Swiss Confederation into civilian off-roaders with a rustic charm.

Not only in Austria, but also in Switzerland, the G-Class was marketed as Puch until the year 2000. Lorinser restores the Swiss army models in the long wheelbase version as well as the tarpaulin and bow. The right and left longitudinally mounted benches can accommodate up to six people, while the driver’s cab is separated by a sturdy grille.

“Original Army SUVs are many. That’s why we did not just want to restore the base to its original state, but create something new, “says Managing Director Marcus Lorinser, explaining the idea behind the restored Army G. The bodies of the off-road vehicles from the early 1990s are completely overhauled and repainted by Lorinser Classic There are leatherette seats, LED worklights in the bumpers, a winch and a towbar.The engines are the original 230-hp gasoline engine with 116 hp (85 kW) coupled with automatic transmission., The vehicles usually have the Brand of 100 000 kilometers cracked.

Priced starts the Lorinser G at around 39 000 euros. Easier equipped variants, where the customer has to do without the winch, could in future also be offered at a lower price.

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